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Kintetsu Rail Pass

Kintetsu Rail Pass

An Introduction to the Kintetsu Rail Pass & Kintetsu Rail Pass Plus

Kyoto, Japan's most well known city among non-Japanese visitors; Nara, the ancient capital city preserving the world's oldest and largest wooden structures and Great Image of Buddha; Osaka, Japan's most exciting city for shopping and dining; Mie, the home of Shinto and the Grand Shrine of Ise and Ninja; and Nagoya, the city of Samurai, Shogun's Castle and Toyota.

We have many places to see!

Kintetsu Railway proudly connects these cities and regularly offers high quality trains and hospitable services for non-Japanese visitors. In order to make the trip to these cities and areas more reasonable and accessible, Kintetsu would like to introduce two powerful rail passes, Kintetsu Rail Pass and Kintetsu Rail Pass Plus.

Kintetsu is the sole US travel agency selling these passes (selling just adult passes) .

Kintetsu Rail Pass 5 days

Kintetsu Rail Pass Plus 5 days