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Frequently Ask Questions (Japan Rail Pass)

What information do you need in order to purchase a rail pass?

We will need your name as it would appear on your passport, mailing address, the dates of travel, and of course your credit card information. If you are US PERMANENT RESIDENT CARD holder, let us know the date recorded in Resident Since on your card.

How many rail passes can I purchase?

You can purchase as many passes as you like, as long as you meet the eligibility and utilize the rail pass within the validity of 90 days.

Can I buy the rail pass for someone else?

Yes. As long as the pass user meets the eligibility, you can buy a pass for someone else.

What do I get when I order the rail pass from Kintetsu?

What you receive from us is an exchange order. You will then need to turn in this exchange order at a JR office and receive a Japan Rail Pass when you are in Japan.

Can I turn in the exchange order somewhere in the U.S. for a rail pass?

No. You can only obtain the actual pass once you are in Japan.

Is there a senior citizen discount?

No. There is no special discount for senior citizens.

Is there a special discount for students?

No. The only student price that is offered is JR East Pass. They have a so-called Youth pass which is available for people between the ages of 12 – 25.

Is there a child discount?

Yes, the child fare is for the ages between 6 – 11. The fare is half of the adult fare. Children 6 years or younger are free of charge however they will not have their own seat.

What is the difference between First Class (Green) and Tourist Class (Ordinary)?

Green Class is very comfortable, seats are wider and more spacious, it is carpeted and there is extra room for luggage. The train attendant will bring you a hot towel upon boarding, whereas the Ordinary Class is usually very crowded and there is no space to put your luggage.

Which station is the best place to exchange my rail pass?

You can exchange your rail pass anywhere at a JR train station where they have the ticket service center on premise. However, Narita Airport may be the best bet so you can start using the rail pass for boarding the Narita Express.

Do we have to give Kintetsu the date of the first day we wish to use the rail pass?

No – when you exchange your exchange order for the actual rail pass in Japan, just tell the JR staff the date you wish the pass to become activated.

Can we use the rail pass for the subways?

No, you will have to pay a separate fare to ride the subway since it is not operated by JR – the Japan Rail Pass issuer.

Can I ride the NOZOMI train?

No. The super-super express train (bullet train) Nozomi is not applicable for the rail pass user. You can enjoy all other bullet trains throughout the country.

Do we need to make seat reservation for a seat on the trains beforehand?

You can, however, we suggest it is best to wait until you exchange your order for the actual pass.

Do you make seat reservations for us?

No. The only way you can reserve a seat in the U.S. prior to arriving in Japan, is by visiting their special website. You are required to register a credit card number for reservation. Once reserved, any cancellations will be applicable for penalty.

Can the JR pass be used on Sleeper Trains?

Yes, however you will be required to pay additional charges for berths and sleeper accommodations.

Do we get a discount with certain hotels now that we have a rail pass?

Yes, you can. But you will have to reserve it yourself and show the rail pass upon check-in.

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