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Kintetsu Rail Pass

Kintetsu Rail Pass

An Introduction to the Kintetsu Rail Pass & Kintetsu Rail Pass wide

Kyoto, Japan's most well known city among non-Japanese visitors; Nara, the ancient capital city preserving the world's oldest and largest wooden structures and Great Image of Buddha; Osaka, Japan's most exciting city for shopping and dining; Mie, the home of Shinto and the Grand Shrine of Ise and Ninja; and Nagoya, the city of Samurai, Shogun's Castle and Toyota.

We have many places to see!

Kintetsu Railway proudly connects these cities and regularly offers high quality trains and hospitable services for non-Japanese visitors. In order to make the trip to these cities and areas more reasonable and accessible, Kintetsu would like to introduce two powerful rail passes, Kintetsu Rail Pass and Kintetsu Rail Pass wide.

Kintetsu is the sole US travel agency selling these passes.


Kintetsu Rail Pass

View a more detailed Kintetsu Railway Network Map >>

Side-by-Side comparison of KINTETSU RAIL PASS & KINTETSU RAIL PASS wide

Price per person
Price per person
Price US$ 76.00 US$ 50.00(Adult),
5 days unlimited rides on
all Kintetsu Railway lines
Yes Yes
3 rides on Kintetsu
Limited Express
Yes Yes
5 days unlimited rides on
Mie Kotsu buses in the
Ise-Shima area
Yes No
Roundtrip Kintetsu Railway
access to and from airport
Yes No
Discount coupons to
various sightseeing destinations
(10 coupons per person)
Yes No

*Prices subject to change.

For more detail about Kintetsu Rail Pass, please contact us.



Download the Kintetsu Rail Pass wide User Guide (PDF, 7.9MB) >>

Includes ticket from the airport, enabling you to head to Kintetsu lines
immediately after your arrival!

The pass includes:
a. A round trip railway ticket from KANSAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT to NANKAI NAMBA STATION ;
b. Or a round-trip Nagoya Railroad (Meitetsu) railway voucher from CENTRAL JAPAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT to MEITETSU NAGOYA STATION ;
c. Or you can use the Nankai Electric Railway one way and Nagoya Railroad(Meitetsu) the other or vice versa.
*From either station you can travel any Kintetsu line between these areas. - (see map)
How to use the Airport Access ticket >>

Kintetsu Rail Pass wide includes unlimited rides on Kintetsu railway lines AND
Mie Kotsu buses!

The pass includes:
a. Unlimited rides on all the Kintetsu Railway lines and Mie Kotsu buses in the Ise-Shima area.
b. You can get on and off as many times as you like, at any stops, along their routes in the area.
How to use the Kintetsu Railway and Mie Kotsu bus tickets >>

Kintetsu Rail Pass wide allows you to ride reserved-seat Kintetsu Limited
Express up to 3 times, on any route of your choice!

The pass includes:

a. 3 vouchers for Kintetsu limited express tickets

b. Pricing without Kintetsu Rail Pass wide:

\1,850 from Osaka to Nagoya
\1,280 from Nagoya to Ise

How to exchange your vouchers for Kintetsu Limited Express tickets >>

Kintetsu Rail Pass wide includes discount coupons to many sightseeing destinations!

The pass includes:
Discounts and a variety of privileges at designated sightseeing facilities in the Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Ise-Shima, and Nagoya regions. (Limit 10 facilities per person)
How to use the Sightseeing Facility Coupons >>

Kintetsu Rail Pass and Wide Conditions


These are specially discounted tickets exclusively available for people who are visiting Japan from foreign countries for sightseeing purposes. To be eligible to purhcase either of these tickets, you must either be:

1. A "temporary visitor" foreign traveler entering Japan for sightseeing purposes.

People are allowed to stay in Japan for sightseeing purposes, etc., with "temporary visitor" status as stipulated by Japanese immigration law. Upon entering Japan, you will obtain a "temporary visitor" stamp in your passport if you are coming to Japan for sightseeing. Even if you visit Japan with an exchange voucher for the KINTETSU RAIL PASS or KINTETSU RAIL PASS wide, you will not be able to exchange it for the PASS without this stamp. If you have entered Japan with "trainee," "entertainer," or "reentry permit " status, you will not be eligible to purchase a KINTETSU RAIL PASS.

*For the KINTETSU RAIL PASS wide, your passport will be checked at the time of purchase.

2. or a Japanese person residing in a foreign country meets the following conditions:

-- Those with permanent residency status in the country of residence.
-- Those who are married to a foreigner residing outside of Japan.
If you meet either of the above conditions, please bring documents to prove that you are the person with these qualifications, your passport, etc., at the time you purchase your KINTETSU RAIL PASS wide or the exchange voucher for the KINTETSU RAIL PASS.


If you purchased the exchange voucher within the time period the pass is valid but have not exchanged it, or if you have purchased the ticket but not used it, it is possible to receive a refund at the travel agency of your purchase. (Valid for one year after purchase.) A handling charge of 500 yen per pass set will be charged at the time of refund.

Other than the conditions described above, no refunds are permitted under any circumstances, including railway company strikes, train delays due to various reasons, accidents and natural disasters.

You can only change a limited express reserved seat reservation one time before departure, within a route of the same cost. This can be done at any Kintetsu Railway Limited Express ticket sales window.

(a) Please keep your passport with you at all times while you are using the pass, as you may be asked to show it if necessary.
(b) Neither the exchange voucher nor passes can be reissued if stolen or lost.
(c)The passes cannot be used for Deluxe or Salon Car reserved seats or for ropeways.
(d)These and other conditions of use are stipulated according to the Japanese constitution and the Kinki Nippon (e)Railway passenger carriage regulations.
The ticket may be used by the holder only. It cannot be given to anyone else to use.

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